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My System Specs


Originally Posted by HaDeS View Post
I mentioned before I can't run it 24/7 like this... not because it isn't stable but because of the heat. I was watching the ticker on orb last night as scores come in from around the world and I beat a lot of high end rigs. I'd really like to borrow one of my friends 280's and sli this to see what kinda scores I can get. Some of the sli'd i7 975 extreme rigs were getting around 21-22 thousand.

Personally I'm rather impressed considering AMD's are known to not be great overclockers. I'll post some more pics etc once Braineater finishes his TEC inline whatchamacallit woodbox watercooling.
AMD CPUs are not great overclockers? I laugh at that. They may not be great overclockers compared to the Core 2 and Core i5/i7 series, but you're still getting free performance. Plus 3.7Ghz on your Phenom II 920 is not easy to accomplish.
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