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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Judging by a quick look at the case, it would appear that there is airflow from the bottom front across the motherboard components and then exhausting out the 120 fan mid-rear. That shouldn't be too bad actually.

If you want airflow close to the area you've indicated, you can always use a low rpm fan on the side which would more than likely make the whole case positive pressure (rather than neutral) and exhaust the excess through the port above the area you've indicated.
So having one exhaust fan shouldn't be a problem then? The setup I'm going to have when it arrives is 1x120mm in front, 1x120mm back exhaust, 1x120mm and 1x90mm on the side, pushing air into the case. So the positive pressure created by these should do a good job at just pushing air out the exhaust fan /ports eh? The 120's I have coming are medium rpm ones I think ( Scythe Slip Stream Kaze Jyuni 120MM Fan 1200RPM 68.5CFM 24DBA ) I'm not sure about the performance of the stock fan that comes with it. I may put that on the side if it's weaker than the Kaze.

I'm going to have an after market cooler on my HD4850, so that's really what I was worried about around the bottom there, as it would just be pushing air against the bottom of the case with no real direction it will be sucked out.

I will definitely pick up some filter material for these fans though.

Also I'd suggest getting some of those vented slot covers like such: Silverstone Aero Slots which would allow the air to escape easily.

Actually I was very surprised to find out last night that this little budget case has fenestrated slots that are not common until you get to much more expensive cases!

Have you thought of about adding a fan to the top instead?

I was looking at that option too, but it being a top mounted PS, would I have to place the fan quite far forward, up by the CD drives?
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