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Default Adding a fan "port" in a NZXT Beta

Hi All,

I just ordered an NZXT Beta (and sort of immediately regretted it) and I was thinking of adding a port for a 90mm exhaust fan on the back lower part of the case just below the gfx card. I would cut the metal port placeholders (can't think of a better name) to allow a fit for the fan, then replace the empty spaces around the fan with tinfoil.

Anyone think this is possible/a good idea? It really just has 1 exhaust fan I think. So I think it needs two. I'll have 3 intake. One on front and 2 on sides.

Or would It be foolish to put one side fan as intake (the fan closer to top) and one as exhaust (closer to bottom, pushing out hot air from the gfx cooler)? I am having trouble understanding this case's optimal air flow. Hm after reading this.. it sounds like a bad idea, the 90mm fan as exhaust just medial to these seems to be a better idea and have them both as intake.

I'm confused! :help:
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