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Originally Posted by SGardiner View Post
The biggest impact will be the lost sales. Most Multiplayer clans will stick with MW1 of COD5 instead of buying this game.

Yup, I'm in a clan and we arrange clan LAN's and we also go to community LAN's. COD 4 & 5 are popular games we play and now we're all boycotting Infinity Ward because there's no point anymore. We were all very excited for renting our first game servers for modern warfare 2 - it was how we were planning on getting our name out more. Now all those dreams are crushed.

There forums were flooded with spam and all sorts of harrasment, my friend says they turned off the servers to clean up the forums. So There's like 10 posts per second on this stuff today, they also took down there contact page because people were phoning them and yelling at them. My friend got banned for saying infinity ward sucks and stuff, this is bull. There is now like 90% of the gaming community boycotting IW... they deserve it.
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