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Angry Petition against Modern Warfare 2 for PC

As many know, infinity ward is cutting out everything us PC gamers love about online pc gaming in their new game Modern Warfare 2.

(read here: New Modern Warfare Matchmaking Service Will "Definitely" Reshape PC Community - Infinity Ward - Kotaku Since this has surfaced today there has been hundreds of hate mail, forum posts, and petitions circulating Infinity ward's email box and forums. I urge you to sign the main petition even if you aren't a PC gamers because this is one of the biggest upcoming titles, and if they do this other companies may follow and PC gaming will be destroyed.

Sign Here:

Infinity Ward

You will need to register on the forums first to be able to see this topic. Please take your time to register, I myself didn't have an account and registered as soon as I heard this.

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