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My System Specs


Here is my setup:
20x19=3.8GHz stable for 9 hours of P95 blend test.
Idle temp 44c. Full load with P95 74c max.
Ram at rated speed 1600@8,8,8,24 1T

Stepping: D0
MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T):
CPU Clock Ratio [19x]
CPU Frequency [3.8GHz] [200x19]
QPI Link Speed [x36] [7.2GHz]
Base Clock Control [Enabled]
BCLK Frequency (Mhz) [200]
Performance Enhance [Standard]
System Memory Multiplier (SPD) [8.0]

Advanced Clock Control:
Base Clock (BCLK) Control [Enabled]
BCLK Frequency (Mhz) [200]
PCI Express Frequency (Mhz) [101]
Uncore & QPI Features:
QPI Link Speed [x36]
QPI Link Speed [7.2GHz]
Uncore Frequency [x17] (3400 MHz)

Advanced CPU Features:
Intel Turbo Boost Tech. [Disabled]
CPU Cores Enabled [All]
CPU Multi Threading [Enabled]
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) [Disabled]
C3/C6/C7 State Support [Diabled]
CPU Thermal Monitor [Enabled]
CPU Eist Function [Enabled]
Virtualization Technology [Enabled]
Bi-directional PROCHOT [Enabled]

CPU Vcore 1.22500V
QPI/Vtt 1.30000V
IOH Core auto
DRAM Voltage 1.64V

Advanced Voltage Control:
Load-Line Calibration [Enabled]
CPU Vcore 1.225V
QPI/Vtt Voltage 1.300V
CPU PLL 1.800V
PCIE 1.500V [Auto]
QPI PLL auto
IOH Core auto
ICH I/O Auto
ICH Core Auto
DRAM Voltage 1.64v
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