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Originally Posted by 1Tanker View Post
1.Testing cooling solutions really should be done in a case, as open-air bench doesn't duplicate airflow issues that do matter in a closed-case environment(the majority of readers).
I agree about the airflow. Temperatures definitely get worse going from outside a case to inside. However my case (Antec P180) really doesn't reflect the "normal" airflow of most people's cases. It has a top fan right above the CPU blowing air out of the case, rather than a PSU up there. This probably makes my CPU temp lower than in a normal ATX case, which I expect is more common for most users.

However this was probably less of an unrealistic benefit than testing outside a case was ... I guess I wanted results that were at least repeatable or reproduceable by users.

If I do any future reviews, I guess I will add some in-case testing results. Maybe block off or turn off my top fan. Because I agree that testing outside a case gives a slight temperature benefit to all testing.

Originally Posted by 1Tanker View Post
2. This one's not "directly related" to the testing protocols, or results.. just a sort of unnerving observation. Laying computer parts all over a carpet doesn't illustrate safe handling(of ESD sensitive parts) practices to the readers that don't realize the possible dangers of doing so.
Crap, now there is something I completely overlooked. To any of those users:

Computer parts and carpets without precautions don't mix. Static in the carpet could kill your electronic components if you are not careful. If you absolutely have to handle your computer parts on a carpet, there are a few things I would recommend you do.

1) Do not have your components in direct contact with the carpet. If you can, do what I did... keep them on anti-static bags that come with motherboards or some other parts.

2) Keep your case nearby, so you can ground yourself as a precaution before handling the parts.

3) Don't wear socks?

Originally Posted by 1Tanker View Post
Sorry to sound so picky(i hope no hard feelings ), they were the two standout(negatively) things that i couldn't help but question...the rest of the review was great.
Definitely no hard feelings. I guess there are a couple things I should pay more attention to in the future.

Thanks for the comment
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