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Default Mix-match GPUs

I got a snazy computer last july with the GTX 275. I bought a monster Samsung 275T moniter and decided to keep my 17" dell moniter but have it in portrait becide it. (27" is still an inch taller). But now I want to plug in my TV. I did get it working but id rather not have to unplug my second monitor.

As for my question, I have the GTX 275 and I plan to get another one on boxing day to run in SLI. I also have the graphics card from my old computer. Its pretty old, but it works. I was wondering weather i would be able to have 2x275 GTX in SLI running the 2 monitors, and then have my other graphics card in the third slot. I know you cant mix graphics cards with SLI, but is there a way to make it run completely seperate from the 275s. If it makes a difference, the older card is ATI. Also, would it slow down the 275s at all? Even though the 275s are still only running the 2 monitors?

Also, if you have 2 graphics cards in SLI, can you use all 4 plugs? The 275 also has S-Video, and my TV has a plug for that. Would that work?

Hope that makes sense. Thnx

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