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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Meh, I've got the Q6600 in my backup rig at 3.2 on air, with only a single 800rpm fan, and it won't go over 60*C under full load. Honestly, with what air heatsinks can do these days, water is kind of wasted at that level. It's still cool, but it's honestly just a little like driving a race car to the corner store for groceries.
hmm, I haven't been able to get my processor stable over 3.0.. your making me think about giving it another shot! I guess I was never sure how many extra volts to give the processor. All the reading you can do I guess in the end its dependent on all the components of your system! I think I tried like 3.2 at 1.35V and maybe that was not enough. I run 3.0 using auto-handling on the voltage. I have a Gigabyte EP35 DS3P 2.1
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