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I have a question to the water-cooling freaks out there.
I have a system (Aquacomputer) cooling my video card (295 GTX) and also my CPU (Kentsfield q6600). Now given the fact that I have my processor and video card on the same system you might guess the liquid is remaining at an average temperature of 42C. That said my processor cannot sit at a temperature any lower than the temperature of the water and therefore the average temp is about 46.5C.

My question(which I think I already have concluded) : would it make more sense to air-cool my CPU?
I have talked to a professional about this and I actually got a funny answer whereby he said simply "my processor with happier on the water-cooling system". I personally think if I put my Zalman CNPS9700 back on the processor the processor will in fact run cooler @ around an average of 38C!

You input is appreciated!

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