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My System Specs


63 degrees is fine. I've been running my q9550 @ 3.4 with those same temps for a while now. Temps were even running around 70 degrees for me in the summer. No big deal. That's really the only reason I haven't clocked my CPU higher, well that and it's a C1 so it's probably not gonna clock as high as an E0 and probably need more voltage getting there. IIRC I had mine running at 3.6 (can't remember volts) but it was getting way to hot for the chip so that's why I'm running @ 3.4 with 1.25 (HW Monitor - I think it's set as 1.3 in BIOS!). 3.8 should be achievable as long as you've got an E0. Just keep doing what you're doing(upping fsb, check for stability, up volts, check for stabilty,etc.) and you should be fine. Keep an eye on the temps!
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