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Default Hard drive problem

I reinstalled XP on my wife's computer last Friday due to a motherboard upgrade, the hard drive is secondary and DVD drive is Master and was like this with the old motherboard and since the new motherboard has only one IDE channel so nothing really change.

Anyway, Windows XP installed without problem and everything is fine until Monday Morning, Bios did not detect the hard drive only the DVD Drive, as a result the computer will not boot instead asking something like a CD and press a key to continue etc.

The Hard disk is a Western Digital 80GB drive. Anyway I suspect the hard drive finally gave up but before I jumped into conclusion, I like to ask a few questions.

1) Is there a possiblilty that the motherboard has short circuit somewhere? but logic told me if that is the case, wouldn't the DVD drive which is on the same chain as the Hard drive not detected as well?

2) Not exactly a question, I was able to boot into windows after a few reset and was able to run the windows based software provided by Western Digital web site, the hard drive passed both short and long test and was able to work for the rest of the afternoon and was shutted down before my wife goes to bed.

3) I tried to turn on her computer a few minutes ago and the hard drive not detected again. Is it a dying drive? or the motherboard?

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