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Thanks for the help.

Black Magic card can't do what you are looking for. It isn't meant for for capturing HDTV.
In what way is this card inadequate? I have been researching it extensively, and it seems as though capturing via component is the ONLY way of getting quasi-HD quality recordings off of Cable or Satellite receivers. I have heard similar stories about the Hauppage PVR, and I want to avoid it if possible.

Or you could always do what i do and rip all your movies to MKV, thus removing all the DRM. By using FLAC audio you retain all the quality. You then could use a $40 HD 4350 no problem.
That was my first thought as well, but this system will not be for my own use, but rather my grandfather's. He is not completely computer illiterate, but he is also not an expert, so I wanted to make this as seamless a process as possible. I would rather it just be able to play blurays with proper audio out of the box.

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