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My System Specs


Black Magic card can't do what you are looking for. It isn't meant for for capturing HDTV. The Hauppauge HD-PVR really is a piece of crap. You may luck out and be one of the 10% that has a working device. But chances are you won't be. I have been struggling w/ mine for a year now. It causes me more frustration than any computer device I've ever owned. At least once every day or two it fails to record a show. And I only record 4-5 shows a day on average. Not only this, but every single show will fail afterwards until you reboot the unit. So if you don't pay attention you could very well loose every recording for the entire day. I have finally decided to buy another PVR as a backup, because I can't deal with this POS.

You don't need watercooling. There are tons of air coolers that will be quiet enough. Your HDD's will likely be the loudest part of your system.

I am confident all the 5-series ATI cards will be able to support a Protected Audio Path. Even if they don't, the HD5850 is a better buy than the HDAV1.3 or the Home Theater HD IMO. Or you could always do what i do and rip all your movies to MKV, thus removing all the DRM. By using FLAC audio you retain all the quality. You then could use a $40 HD 4350 no problem.
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