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Default Need help with HTPC/Server

I posted this an NCIX several days ago, but so far no responces, so I thought I'd give Hardware Canucks a try.

Hi guys,

I will be assembling an HTPC in the next few weeks, and I was looking for some input.

1st, for duel HTPC/Server capabilities, I wanted to run a virtualized vmware Windows Home Server within windows 7. That way I can do all the auto-backup stuff and have all the media server features easily. Is this a good idea? Has anyone tried it?

2nd, is there a better way of capturing HD quality programming off a satellite box than this?

I have seen the Hauppage HD-PVR,

but I would like something that is integrated into my system, not another external piece of hardware.

3rd, I was very excited with the 5xxx series Radeons able to bitstream 7.1 HD codecs. Any idea if the cheaper models will be able to do this, and when they will become available on NCIX? (Saves me $200 for a 1.3HDAV Xonar)

4th, I want this to be as silent as possible. Is watercooling the best option? Any recommendations?

5th, What would be the best way to control this? I really like the look of the DiNovo wireless keyboard.

Anyone use it and like it? Have anything better to suggest?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!


I could not insert links because this is my first post here, so you might have to insert the www infront of them. Sorry
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