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Originally Posted by magictorch View Post
............Given the insane requirements for GPU power in vista to play the latest games.

Better not show this to any of the other software developers otherwise they'll loose their motivation to develop expensive DX10 games in that desert of a market.

Something will have to change otherwise DX10 games will be akin to the concept car.

Maybe there will be a dramatic shift come the new year when more people have bought the more powerful, affordable GPUs.

Personally ill switch when they have single GPUs that can actually play the best DX10 games over 40fps at a setting that outshines the best DX9 can offer in XP.

Its too depressing the thought of buying a 8800GTX only to see it fumble though at 30-35fps oc'd in Crysis.
I personally think it will work the opposite way as game developers will see that less people use Vista than figured and will still develop for DX9
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