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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I had a pair of those 8 years ago.... they are pretty awesome.
Never got that excited about slippers myself, but each to their own.

Looking good. Looks like you breezed through the baffle construction which usually gives a lot of first timers some trouble. XO layout looks good too, again lots of first timers aren't aware of proper inductor placement. Good decision to make your own circle jig for the router. Homemade units are usually better than commercial ones especially considering what some commercial units cost.

While you have the chance maybe glue in some scraps of MDF in there for some braces. It's not about strengthening the boxes so much as deadening them. An experienced builder who was very adamant about bracing gave me the rule of thumb that the largest unbraced span should be no longer than your XO frequency. I haven't checked bu I'm assuming the XO frequency for those units is ~3kHz, that translates into a brace every ~4.5" on your flat panels. I think that's a little OTT but the reasoning is sound. The reason why is that the sound energy inside the box could (well actually it will) make the outsides of the box flex therefore transmitting sound, the frequencies that will be 'favoured' are those that have wavelengths that are whatever size the flat panel is, making your boxes sing and sing more at those select frequencies so colouring your sound and giving odd resonances. There's less energy as you go higher in frequency therefore past a certain point it doesn't much matter hence the rule of thumb. This is a large reason why you see odd shaped boxes and curved sides and such on some peoples builds, those somewhat ill defined distances and edges don't allow the box to ring like a tuning fork.

It's a small enhancement but it's free and pretty easy to do too so why not.

Keep up the good work! And more pics!!!
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