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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
I find Linpack / Intel burn test more intensive on my CPU than F@H, but nothing beats it for stability test on a GPU.

To the OP, I'd try more than one type of stability test, to verify all different features of the CPU. The components of the CPU undergo different levels of stress depending on which test you run. I've seen my computer survive OCCT overnight but fail after a couple hours of Prime and vice versa.
If you search around, you'll see a mix of stability test "regimes". For me, I do one of OCCT / Prime95 overnight, then 24/7 BOINC; although I'm undervolted ATM because there's no F@H contest / I'm not playing Supreme Commander.
Linkpack is a sketchy program.

Its been known to fail on stock clocks.

I don't trust it and never will. p95 for me.
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