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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bissa View Post
uhh, this may sound dumb, but are you serious about that attaching the water cooling loop to your forced air system?
Yes, I was going to use another computer to heat the house anyways, "sun enterprise 10000" my plan was instead of wasting power heating the house with electric heat was use it for a distributed computer project and then use the waste heat.. so two birds with one stone kinda deal.

My furnace is currently disabled by me so it can't make heat, but the fan is running and moving air around the house.. its been below freezing for a few days now and the folding farm is keeping the house @ a NICE. 74c-78c ive had to still open the windows from time to time.

I used a ground water loop and a rad in the computer room to get rid of the extra heat in the summer.. but its very loud in the computer room, so I want to build it into the furnace and use a water loop to move the heat directly from the devices so no fans!

and now im using a large fan to push the hotair out of the computer room, it then being picked up by the cold air return and sent around the house.
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