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Default First Shocked, now in crysis!

I've tested two games so far, NFS Pro Street and Crysis
I only use Vista 64 so I have no idea about XP.
I always use Fraps (2.9.2)

NFS Pro Street:
Settings: Everything on high, 4X (max) anti-aliasing, 1280X1024, SINGLE CARD MODE

When I start the actual career mode I had average 30 frames/s, when I have no other
cars in front of me than it goes up to 35-39 fps (which is quite all right)

AND HERE COMES CROSSFIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Everything is on the same settings, nothing's been changed...........
Same scene, the very first race in career mode:
Average 24 FPS!!!!!! sometimes it goes down to 21-22. When I'm having the first
position (no other cars in front) than a glorious 24-26 FPS!!!!! Seriously, I nearly started crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry2 :: angry2::an gry2:

Then here comes Crysis:

Everything on medium, on 1280x1024. average of 25-28 fps. Which mode now, you're asking????!!!!! Does not matter at all, always the same FPS, even in "crossfire"!!!!It might be a bit faster in single card mode, maybe 1 max. 2 frames
faster compare to crossfire. Shame!!!!
This is it for now, I'm going to test F.E.A.R. (it was much much much faster in crossfire with my old config hopefully at least FEAR will benefit from crossfire) and Call Of Duty 4 later on today. I'll post the results as soon as I can.
Maybe it all happens because of the beta driver I've got with the card, maybe Vista 64 is a piece of ****, maybe my config is not good enough, who knows....

I received these cards this morning, and 15 hours later I am deeply disappointed (so far)!!! If you already have one of these cards in your config and planning to buy a second one - take my advice and think it over twice!!!!
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