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Default Crossfire problem solved

Hello again!!!!

Finally I solved the crossfire issue, many - many thanks for your advice SKYMTL,
unfortunately it did not work for me. I had to do a format and reinstall
everything. At least it works now. However my results are a bit disappointing
compare to yours!!!!

One card scored 9'987 in 3DMark 2006, which is all right!!!
Two cards (in crossfire) scored 12'945

Once again my config:

MSI K9A Platinum
AMD Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition
OCZ DDR2 800MHz PC6400 4-4-4-15 Platinum (2X1Gb)
Seasonic 600W PSU

2X Sapphire HD 3870
2X Raptor 74Gb in Raid0
1X Seagate SATAII 320Gb HDD
1X SATA DVD-Writer
Creative SB X-FI Fatal1ty Champion's Edition

Windows Vista 64 Bit

I might be too greedy, but I've been expecting a lot more!!!!!!

I know your test configuration was much better than mine, but still.........
where is the missing 7'000 3DMark points?????????
I've also tried to overclock both cards in crossfire, catalyst let's me change
the GPU and memory values, but nothing happens after that. I think (like you wrote earlier) overdrive option does not work in crossfire mode.
When I had my 2 X1950 XTX cards connected in crossfire, one card scored
5'700ish but I had scored 9980 with 2 cards!!!!! Well, that was quite impressive, not this one
Do you think this " slight improvement" in crossfire is normal????
Any suggestions???............
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