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Thank you!

Mnpctech has always had a large Canadian customer & fan base. We've been told several times thats theres a lack of e-stores with our type of case mod product. We usually ship USPS to Canada on weekly basis

Back to D-9

Marking off location of the custom window in the 840 left access panel

btw: somebody did order a D-9 rad grill, It fits 2x 120mm fans, 15mm spacing to fit Feser, Black Ice & Swiftech Radiators $40 + shipping, we can make more

Using tape roll to make curved corner

Make first initial cut with your Dremel and cutting wheel, to allow use of Jigsaw and cut the window more efficiently

You have created slot, this allows using a Jigsaw w/ 18 TPI cutting blade

Using a Jigsaw is much quicker than using a Dremel to cut your window

Use a rounded side file to debur the jagged edges of the new window

Notice the window location doesn't reveal the drive bays, this was intentional.

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