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We don't even got 64-bit stuff fully implemented yet. Windows 8 will probably ship with x64 only. Plus there's not a whole lot of major programs that do 64-bit. Games don't even do 64-bit, so there's literally no gain in terms of gaming...what is everyone going nuts about 128-bit for?

You guys who say 128-bit is 5 years down the road...You're gonna be surprised. I give it 2.5 or 3 the most before we start seeing it become more mainstream, like 64-bit is today. How long has it been since AMD was on top releasing all these 64-bit Athlons and Athlon X2's, Athlon FX's that were capable but didn't really catch the light of 64-bit computing because they were a bit too early? I THINK it was 5 or 6 years ago. If it took 5-6 years for 64-bit to get to where it is now, it'll take half as long for 128-bit. Technology doubles every 6 months. A new GPU is released every 3 - 6, it seems. A new CPU architecture every 8-16. And it's just getting faster.
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