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My System Specs


OK. I figured it was probably time for an update. I've been awfully busy with other things--particularly as I'm scheduled to defend my English thesis on Friday, but I've managed to get some work in on the speakers during my rest time, and I'm using this update as an excuse to stop reading for a while.

The electronics are now finished; both crossovers are wired, and have been tested.

Things are coming along on the finishing front, as well. Following Biff's advice, I inserted a pair of braces into each cabinet for more stable sound. I also put the "finish coat" on one of my cabinets in the form of peel and stick vinyl laminate, as I knew that I wouldn't have the patience to get a good finish on the joins.

It came out OK, but not quite factory. For the second cabinet, I think I may try wrapping it the other way (working vertically on the cabinet instead of horizontally) to see if I get better joins where it will matter most--on the side facing away from the TV.

I also managed to get the first color coat on my baffles, though finding the stuff I wanted was a bit of a struggle. Apparently, there is no consumer-grade colored polyurethane to be found--something I found quite annoying. I finally gave up on big places like Canadian Tire and Home Hardware and went into a little paint specialty shop I often use when doing renovation and contracting. WOW. I should have gone there first. He gave me a high-gloss marine grade black polyurethane for the price of...on the house. He said that for such a small project, and for something he sells so little of, I was welcome to just use what I needed and bring the rest back sometime....Needless to say, he now has a customer for life. As a plug, the place is called Klein's Paint and is on Saskatchewan Drive and Retallack in Regina, SK. I don't imagine too many people live near me (as HWC seems to be mostly east and west coast ppl), but I had to say it.

Anyway, here is a picture of a baffle, still wet with the first coat. I think it should take two coats, with 1000-2000 grit "sanding" in between, and then some buffing to make it shine. If need be, I still have a spray can of clear polyurethane if it needs a bit more clear-coat after.

I post more once I get everything together...MAYBE after Friday, depending on how much goofing off I can justify during my defense prep..

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