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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
What is your shipping like to Canada? I was looking at an order but sending an email et al seemed like it would be a waste of your time just for a quote.
We usually ship First Class to Canada, cost will depend on what you're ordering, a lot of people order u-channel, fan grommets, thumbscrews, those little orders are usually $2 - $3, keep in mind USPS charges more for large cartons, so items like the 24" modders mesh & acrylic sheets drive up postage, $13 - up, depending upon quantity weight etc

Email item descrip, quantity and size,

@ gingerbee, Thank you for your support! I ran across HWC after seeing their video review of the new Corsair Obsidian case. It impressed me enough to write a note about how refreshing I found their approach.

Along with this D-9 project, I've got several other projects. I mod cases fulltime along with making parts and accessories. Hhat I'm really exicted about is the Nvidia ION PC I'm building for their mod contest. The deadline for it's completion is this Thursday. The worklog is hosted exclusively with Modders-Inc, here
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