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My System Specs


Great review!

I think two things are important with XFX's package...

1- The warranty is stupendous and had I the patience, I might have waited for one instead of buying a Gigabyte 5850. But I have no complaints.

2- It's nice to see their potential price point includes the Dirt2 coupon. I am not one for racing games so the absence of the Dirt2 coupon with my card is not an issue, but if you are looking for added value, then I admit, this card surpasses mine.

As for the card, I game at 1680x1050 on my 22in LCD. Sure, some cards run nearly as quickly (like the 4890), but considering I am installing Win 7 next week anyways and moving up from a 3870, for 283$ (cdn), I feel the 5850 is a good purchase!

As for temps, I have a question:

SKYMTL, when you were running the temperature tests, you had a range from 41 C at idle to 77 C at load. When it got up around 77, did you notice if the fan spun up a bit over 33%? I ask because you said the fan spun up to 40% at times and I was wondering if this was one of those times.

My own card never spins above 33% (so it's very very quiet on auto), however, like in other reviews I've read on the Radeon 5850, I've read of temps that go to 86 C, which is where mine goes up to if I run the FurBench for a few hours.

Would this be attributable to a BIOS scripting decision, or do you think my factory thermal compound install may be an issue?

Happy_Canuck :)
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