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Default Quoth the Raven: "Nevermore"

Howdy All!

I just got my new Silverstone Raven RV02 yesterday and I started to cram it with hardware this morning:

Corsair 850tx (looking to trade it for something modular with no wattage preference)
MSI 785GM-E65 mATX motherboard
AMD Phenom II x2 550 BE
4x2gb Corsair xms3-ddr3-1600 cas9
1.5tb seagate hard drive
320gb seagate 2.5" hard drive (until I can get an SSD, grr...)
ATi 4890 1gb
Creative x-Fi Fata1ity pci-e sound card
D-Link pci wireless N card (no wired internet in my apartment, grr...)

Cooling: TBA
-I have everything I need to water cool, but I'm open to suggestions on what else I can use that will fit in the case, and take advantage of the Raven RV02's natural positive pressure design.

Pics to come when I get home from work tonight.

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