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Hi sectorz,

The review is actually by me. There's no way you'd get 3-3-3-8 out of any of the memory I have one hand unfortunately, and to be honest, changes in memory speed weren't doing much to the Phenom in terms of performance. I spent some time testing with super pi and cinebench to figure out what was best, and I ended up with 1066 5-5-5-18 being about the best I could do with stability while only doing an "average joe" level of memory tweaking.

Phenom at 2.7GHz is faster than Phenom at 2.3GHz, but at this point it's been a very long weekend and I've already broken down my test bed (including my water cooling gear). The hard, cold reality is that 2.7GHz is not going to be much faster than 2.3GHz. I could run benches forever to eke the best performance possible out of Phenom, but in the end it'll only net a few percent improvement... Phenom simply isn't what we were expecting.

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