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Steam is the shizzle for digital distribution. You can download and play your games from any computer, have multiple installs on multiple machines simultaneously, but you just can't be logged into two machines with the same account at the same time (no biggie). For most games you do not have to be online to play them (after install), unless that particular game actually requires an internet connection (like a MP game or lame DRM on some titles, that has nothing to do with Steam). You can also back-up all your games offline if you want to. But I don't see Steam going anywhere anytime soon. And lastly... Steam often has awesome deals!

D2D I only just used for the first time this week. I actually haven't even installed the games I bought, yet. So far the purchase and download went without a hitch. The DRM of D2D games can vary from title to title from what I have read. And some people have had problems with install limits and such. But if you go through the Steam forums... you will read many problems from users there as well. You just can't tell if it's always issues with the software, or just the user (i.e an ID10T or Pebkac error lol).

IF you wanted to pick just one digital distributor to use, I would go with Steam. :)
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