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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
Seriously Linus, you should visit more often, they are lots
@topic.. this really isn't spam spam, he just likes a product from a company that he is talking about, I just think it's in the wrong section, especially when he mentions software.. with water cooling, no match.. certainly he's talking about legit stuff.. not just talking crap and spamming..
OK, so the section is Water Cooling! Why do you think software would not be relevant!? The software provides replacement for lots of external hardware equipment. E.g. dials, digital temperatures, LED water-flow display, etc etc
Furthermore, if the software drives your setup I think its perfectly relevant!

Moreover, aquacomputer members were some of the first to really push overclocking and water-cooling! I guess in 2002 they had the fastest CPU overclock in the world. I don't feel like proving this, I heard it from some of the guys at ModMyMachine whom I spent some time with in Berlin

Now, some questions to the other GURU's out there. I don't have much experience outside of Aquacomputer because "I did my homework" and decided this company was for me! And guy, if you have to wait for your parts in America and the price is not good - well, I think those points are only relative! I always say quality does not come with a pricetag (within reason of course!)

So the questions:
  1. are there any other setups out there in which the pump conects to your mobo via USB?
  2. are there any other companies out there which have software to control your hardware?
  3. does anyone have reservoir meter? I thought this was one of the coolest parts that I was able to pickup from Aqua! Its a small plastic stick with sensors. A hole is cut into the cap of the reservoir and the top of the meter is sent through USB! The meter is picked up in the AquaSuite and you can do some cool things; like: I setup when the water goes to some minimum level the computer will safely shutdown. This is great for someone like me who likes to leave the computer on when they are out!
And I totally agree with the people stating the parts are not important. If I had the money I would do temperature benchmarks to prove this point! I think design of the copper components is extremely important! Its not just throwing a slab of copper on a component and pushing water through the copper!

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