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My System Specs


Well, lets just say that after using one for the first time on a new i7 that I was setting up at work I have to say, ME WANT NOW.

Really you just can not believe how fast you can boot up and open programs. Did a quick test today and I opened a 45MB powerpoint file in about 4 seconds. That is opening powerpoint and fully loading the file.

The drive that is in this particular system is the OCZ Vertex 60GB. I very much recommend this drive for the price/performance. You can get better drives (Intel X-25E) but they cost a lot more.

Oh and it took about 50 seconds to do a complete restart, and log back in and have everything loaded again. And about 20 seconds was outside of the OS and another 10-15 seconds for me to type my password. Just amazing performance.
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