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Thumbs up OC'ing q9550 past 3.4ghz - UPDATE

Hey guys,

Would appreciate any help i can get. Currently have a q9550 on a Gigabyte X48-DS4 mobo overclocked to 3.4ghz (when I first built it). Did this by making the multiplier 8.5 and jacking up the FSB to 400mhz. I didnt need to raise vCore to do this (its sitting pretty at 1.2V). See CPU-Z and realtemp pics for specs and temps.

Now, what I would like to do is overclock it to 3.6ghz or higher. This is where things get confusing for me. For one, I can't adjust the RAM speed past 800mhz in the BIOS. What I can do, however, it increase the FSB past 400 and set a one to one divider (2.00D I believe) with the RAM. While this doesnt change the RAM value in the BIOS, when I boot up CPU-Z it shows the ram running 1:1 with the FSB. I assume this is how you overclock RAM on a gigabyte mobo? Also, does running with the FSB over the recommended FSB cause instabilities or damage the card?

Was wondering if anyone had some tips on overclocking my pc past 3.4ghz. There are voltage values that can be altered in MIT but I dont want to overvolt anything in case it fries. Does anyone have experience OC'ing on this specific board or gigabyte boards in general? Im using a vendetta 2 so I assume cooling shouldnt be an issue. Also, my ram is only 800mhz, but from what I hear it can be increased significantly.

My specs are listed in my sig. Thanks for your help!
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Case: Coolermaster Cosmos 1000
Mobo: Gigabyte X48-DS4
CPU: Intel Quad q9550
PSU: Corsair 750w
GPU: Diamond HD4870
RAM: 4gb Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400
HDD: 2 x 640gb WD Caviar
Audio: Auzentech Forte 7.1
OD: Pioneer DVR-216
OS: Vista Ultimate SP1

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