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Folding Forum • View topic - Is PG getting ready for R8xx? [Yes]

He's an AMD rep, and he spends his entire time talking about implementing OpenCL as a way for ATI to get more points. Apparently the main reason ATI takes longer is because it doesn't have enough cache to store all the results it gets in intermediate calculations and thus needs to recalculate a lot more compared to NVIDIA. The fact that an ATI rep comes on and announces ATI is working on ways of improving their product for F@H makes me think you shouldn't be accusing Stanford of bias.

Further info Folding@home: Update on new FAH cores and clients

Remember this:
Both ATI Stream and CUDA were announced around the same time. However ATI couldn't get Stream out to the public until December 2008, a full 2 years after announced and close to 1 and 3/4 years after NVIDIA. What did NVIDIA's first GPGPUs pull for PPD? Well I don't know the numbers they pulled when first released because that was 3 years ago and I'm not sure what console support they had or had to wait for, but I know my 8800GTX pulled between 4k and 4.5k as of a few months ago. What I'm suggesting is, perhaps it'd be best to let ATI mature into their GPGPU architecture and actually develop for it. As far as it sounds to me, its a hitch on ATI's end, not Stanfords.

Dunno man, its up to you in the end. But I think you're giving Stanford the short end of the stick.
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