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My System Specs


Well I was using the mcw60 before, and now that I'm using the stealth, my core OC is the same (640) but my memory is actually higher at 1170. I also don't like working around those little memory heatsinks when I'm swapping out parts- if I accidentally tap them , they can fall off- if only the mosfets were covered by the waterblock too....I also got it cheap on a forum special.

I don't entirely like the TIM on the block, but it's the most practical way they could ensure good contact with all of the memory chips. There's a thick layer of the white stuff protected by a thin plastic layer overtop which you aren't supposed to remove before installation. This layer no doubt insulates the chips somewhat, and it would be nice if it weren't there.

I would have replaced it with some arctic silver, but I would be concerned that It wasn't thick enough to make good contact with all the components. With the GTS, there's missing memory chips, so when you tighten the cooler down, the card warps slightly unedr the pressure- this causes a slight lifting action in some other areas- with the GTX, I wouldn't worry about it- just put the Arctic ceramique on instead

notice the thick white sludge oozing out from under the cooler- and yeah, I know there's two missing mosfet coolers- I flicked off two of the old ones taht were loose and replaced them with the new stickier kind that came with the card- kudos to swiftech for improving the stickiness of these little damners

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