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Default Tip of the day.

Hey mods, how about we sticky a thread(this one) for quick posting whatever handy little tidbits we come across?

I'm going to start by going a little off topic here but it's a goodie.

Most stores have a 30 day no hassle return policy, I use Future shop lots because of this. Shopping for a new monitor? Don't stand there in the store staring at them and wondering. I'll buy all 3, take them home, use them for a month and return the 2 I don't want. Heck, I did this with 3 42" HD plasmas and never had a stitch of trouble. My living room looked like a nerds wet dream, especially with Jessica Alba (into the blue) on all 3.
I digress, sigh, I'll get to my point in a minute.

Troubleshooting? Go buy a router, ram, power supply etc... Find the problem and return the parts you don't need.

Been a die hard PC gamer for 15 years now. I'd get pissed at some of the games being released as console only. Until one day I got even. Grabbed an xbox 360 last january with all the goodies, rented Halo, gears of war and finished them, returned the unit.

Did this again with the PS3 last week, played Resistance, ratchet and clank and am currently 1 hour into Assasins Creed (Loving this game!). Kinda wished I did this when there wasn't suck a glut of awesome pc games out but they can wait.

Well? what are you waiting for!
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