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Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
enaberif. it's sick as in "it's good" or it's sick as in "I need to RMA" which of course would be bad :(


EDIT : On those big box stores, yeah much of the time the prices are higher then other spots but if I want something now I go there. I always buy my games from BB because they always have it. When I want to play a new game I don't want to drive all over the city to find a small shop that has one nor do I want to wait for a week for it to get shipped, I want to play it ASAP.

BTW I like that you used the BASIC program output in your first line :). I think that that is the first program many of us try when we start coding. Well it used to be I don't know about nowadays mind you.
Sick as in I need to RMA.

My machine started locking up hard when I was playing games so I loaded up GPU-Z and it said my shader clock was at 1512 not 1500 and so I went into RT and my settings were at 1500 but the graph in RT was showing 1512 as well. So I adjusted my clock from 1500 to 1499 and it went from 1512 to 1458 :(

I'll be investing in a cheap pci-e card for the meanwhile to send mine to xfx.
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