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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
the palm rest area which is a brushed aluminum effect (don't believe it has any metal though).
Upon second evaluation, it actually is metal of sorts, so I'm guessing it's real brushed aluminum.

Windows 7 runs fine, had to install the card reader though. Used the Vista x64 drivers off Gateway's site. Also needed the touch-pad driver like usual to get scrolling functionality and what not.

Also have NFS Undercover running on it too. Roughly medium-low settings, though could probably push medium across the board. Seemingly plays fine, so I'd guess 30FPS+. Only 1280x720 though since that's all NFS supports, but it looks fine since it's a 16:9 screen after all.

Another note, it seems the screen has built in scaling of sorts. It displayed 1:1 for 1024x768 but it scales 1280x720 to fullscreen.

Battery life wise, well I'll go with roughly 2 hours, but of course it varies hugely on usage and what settings you use. Can't expect much from a 6-cell.

Here's the Windows 7 x64 WEI:

Bit higher than Vista, but I'm guessing that mainly due to having the latest Catalyst drivers. Vista only have 8.7 I believe, where as I have 9.9 running in 7.

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