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Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
OCZ memory can be an issue. Most of the time they need to be set manually in bios because they suck more voltage that they are suppose to. You can ask on OCZ forum with your ram model and your board and they will reply the exact setting you need to get for the ram to run great. The core I7 920 temp limit is supose to be about 65 to 70. It's normal that the computer would reboot at like 68. But it is not that a not OC cpu would get at this temp. Core I7 920 full load at stock speed get about 45 to 50 degree in a normal time. Take a look at your cooler sitting and thermal paste.

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What the hell are you talking about? the core i7 920 temp limit is about 90C and its not at all normal for the cpu to be rebooting at 68. Normal is it normal at stock speeds to be full load of 45-50C (assuming we're using the stock HSF). Myself and others run theirs on air overclocked anywhere from 65-80C stable. Stock full load with stock fan will run you about 70-75C, potentially cooler if you have a cool room. If you don't know your facts on a cpu don't give assumptions
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