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My System Specs


So in otherwords, to run the ram I have at its rated 1600mhz, 7-7-7-24 timings I have to overclock the CPU to at least 3.2ghz? to run stable? correct? (again, plz correct me if im wrong).
No. Run the memory multiplier at 2:12 or 1:6 and it will automatically go to 1600 MHz. Manually set your timings as well and set RAM voltage to 1.65 V.

Is this a result of bad hardware? Perhaps faulty CPU or memory? Or am I supposed to key in the clock speeds/voltage settings manually for everything if the ram settings are already keyed in manually.. in order to run this system stable?
Sounds more like a memory issue to me. One of your sticks could be dying and causing errors. Your temps are fine on the CPU. I run mine at 80C in the summer with no problems. The result of your P95 and SuperPI tests seem to point to RAM issues. If you really want to find out, set the CPU multiplier to something lower than 20, like 15 say to see if it's a frequency problem. Does the RAM work at specified speed? Try a lower speed there too (lower memory multiplier), but don't run them lower at the same time. Also try taking a kit out and see if 6GB works (typically you won't need 12GB of RAM lol ). Also remember that the uncore frequenct has to be DOUBLE the memory frequency or more.

You may be also running into stability issues because all your RAM slots are being used. Sometimes it's just too hard on the CPU and can cause some problems. Perhaps try raising the Uncore voltage a bit and see if that helps your memory. There may be too much power getting sucked from your RAM and it's causing high voltage sag. Who knows.

Intel Burn in Test is crap IMHO. It stresses the CPU, but nothing else. Stick with Prime95, SuperPI 32M (on all 4/8 cores, depending if you run with HT on), and Linx. Run the blend test in Prime95, as it tests lots of CPU and RAM.

Good luck. HTH.
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