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Realistically unless your speakers can dig pretty deep there's always going to be a little gap between the mains and the sub - assuming no EQ. My speakers use 6" drivers and I have a little gap there which is why I'm doing the 'upgrade' to have dual 8"s handle that. Most of the time it's not noticeable and measurements don't show a gap either (I have a mic & software to do measurements), but on some particular types of music I notice it a little lacking in the 'kick in the chest' department. Like cranking some AC/DC or other hard rock'n'roll which is based right aroung the XO frequency. If your receiver has the ability to cross the sub at 120Hz and the mains at 100HZ then you're golden, otherwise a little EQ can probably fix it up mostly. You'll have to play with settings to see what you like - and what's available to you. Keep in mind all this is concerning critical music listening for HT requirements are FAR less critical. You're not going to listen to a car explosion and say 'Hey! that's not quite what that should sound like!" but you may notice a little bit listening to some music that happens to contain a bass guitar running up and down the scale should it hit at just the right note.

Building a ported or TL box would help a bit in filling that gap but there is an inherent phase change (or lag if that sounds better) when the speakers start going low with those types of boxes. This may or probably not play nice with your sub so you'll get certain frequencies that add giving you a peak in response or a dip depending on frequency. If your sub amp has phase adjust capability then you could probably compensate for it but without measurement gear it could take a while. Personally I'd build 'em sealed. Keep in mind these speakers are a thousand miles ahead of what you have now.
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