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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
... I work at Matrox right now, lol. There's about a dozen engineers 30ft away from my desk that can give me a hand. However, they all say the same thing "2xx series in Windows 7 is not supported yet". Not sure if they're tell me to off (lol, not likely) or that the Nvidia drivers for the 2xx Series aren't working yet with any current GXM setups. Trust me though, I'm working on it
They say to know more info leaves you with less egg on your face! lol Anyways, i still offered even if its not needed! lol

So i guess we can complain to you then!, as to why the TH2G doesnt run in hi res with the latest Nvidia drivers! lol Walk over 30ft, and give them a smack and tell them to hurry, people NEED hi res surround gaming with the TH2g and want to use the latest drivers for our cards!

Mine lost the high res numbers when installing with the new Nvidia drivers. I think im on around the drivers now, and its working great, but im told because im in SLI, im "not getting all i should". But its the only way i got 5040x1050!. The 3x22" widescreens looks very cool. Im going to tear down the pc this week and when its back on, ill take a heap of pics and upload them to my build thread (which ive been neglecting!)

Also if you sell you setup, i have a good friend who wants a setup! lol Hes in no rush.

Good luck CM!
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