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Default Wierd crashing problem

I seem to be having a weird issue with windows, everything I run, at some point crashes. It first started off with Firefox, crashes on every website I visit. I was studying using a pdf file in foxit reader, that also crashed once in a while.

I actually also had an issue with this RPC Timer (can't remember exact name, but it usually shuts down the pc), unfortunately I forgot to disable automatic restart, because that RPC timed out to shut down, blue screen flashed and system restarted.

I have a feeling it's the hard drive, but it could be something else too, any ideas what it is.. Not sure if this helps, but every since I put my water loop back up, before the mobo posts, it reboots 3 times with a code 9A (Biostar i45 mobo), I read about a similar issue Gord aka SugarJ was having, but he managed to RMA the board. I don't even know if it's the board or not. Anyhow, at the 3rd reboot (that's system goes down completely and powers up again), it POSTS and to windows.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated :) :help:
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