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Id suggest seeing if you can pick up Vista 64 bit? Not sure if thats an option.

I got mine working at 5040x1050 last night, took me 2 hours to try different setups, but got it. Check out WideScreenGamingForum, they have a fix for vista. it may work for 7 also, who knows. The change was to use a good driver sweeper, then go to older drivers for my 285's, and install a different version of the Matox GXM. Like i say, it definately wasnt straight forward, and mine didnt work 100% until i used the driver sweeper, now its awesome :D Played cryostasis, GTL and GTR2 at 5040x1050. Only a slight problem, even on full fans they shot straight past 80 degs lol. Luckily i have my 285 waterblocks on the table ready to go in. now that i have the triple monitors running great, its time for a tear down! If you need a hand getting it working CM, give me a shout!
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