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Originally Posted by PLg View Post
This thing looks good when you look at all the marketing, but just like the 3d glasses did. I would wait because i'm affraid it will get nowhere just like 3dglasses. for someone who only has 1 monotor, it reprensent a big investment. If you have a 24inch monitor, you will have to buy a second one plus one with that special port with the name I forgot. You don't want to buy a 22inch.
Perhaps you neglected to read my post... I already have 3x 22'' monitors. I own them. They're mine. They're on my desk at home right now.


Anyways, I should add that there are a couple things I noticed about Eyefinity after watching the video mentioned in my OP. As yet, there is no Bezel Management software/utility to speak of to hiding additional pixels behind the bezels where two monitors meet. This can be transparent for some games, but for most it is very noticable and annoying. The other thing that was mentioned in the video: Crossfire does not yet work with Eyefinity. Why? I haven't the faintest idea. One would assume that in order to push out 6+ Megapixels of graphics information at 30Fps or more, you would want to enable crossfire working to help with the workload. But it seems the drivers aren't quite there yet, perhaps later...
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