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Default Jump to Eyefinity or not?

After seeing this video at HardOCP : AMD's ATI Eyefinity Technology Review - AMD's ATI Eyefinity Technology Review | [H]ard|OCP I find myself questioning whether or not to take the plunge into the this new tech and try out eyefinity for myself. For those of you that don't know, I'm currently using 3x 22'' monitors with a matrox triplehead2go. But this has recently started giving me problems. The #1 problem is I'm running the monitors off of a GTX295 with Windows 7.... Sufficed to say I'm in Beta or even Alpha territory here. No combination of Matrox/Nvidia drivers will let me get all the way to triple 1680x1050, not a one. Trying custom drivers for either won't work either. So... all this to say: I'm Frustrated.

Now, the question for my lil poll is, "If you were in my position, what would you do?"

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