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the title of your thread is decieving...I equate "No Budget" Gaming build with I7 920 + X58 Chipset - approx. 1.6K - 2K for total System Build high end
The currently planned amount to spend is right at 1.7k, and at the time if your posting that message it was 1.9k. Besides, I already sufficiently justified the "no budget" clause in the OP.

A case is really a personnal choice. Lian-Li cases are great(or so I hear, never owned one), but the one you want to get seems to be fairly old. It is limited to 80mm fans which are likely to be a fair bit noisier than 120mm fans if you plan to overclock or even if you don't.
Hmm, maybe I will go back to my previous idea of the Antec 900. What do you think?
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