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Here's a way to possibly recover that last 5% of dead boards, especially those with soldered on bios chips that do not allow for a hotflash or replacement chip:

1. Make a bootable floppy (with a working computer, obviously !).

2. copy your motherboard manufacturer's recommended version of a bios flashing program (ie. awdflash.exe for Award bioses) on the floppy.

3. create a file call "autoexec.bat" on the floppy and insert the following text:

@@echo off

awdflash [bios filename].bin [switches]
--------- ie. awdflash 123abc.bin -f -c -a

4. Try to boot the dead PC with the floppy. If the bootlock section of the bios is not corrupted, you will see activity from your floppy drive.

5. Once the floppy activity stops, reboot the PC (without the floppy) and it should POST normally.

I've saved 2 bricked motherboard's with this trick, without having to RMA, Hotflash or use third party software like Uniflash.


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