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Originally Posted by BT! View Post
the bottom picture on that site is wider than the 2 above it? all its doing is making the image larger (which would require a larger screen), cant that be done by moving the projector further from the screen?, so its not doing anything special, if it was keeping it the same width and then making it the same height without making it look stretched then it would be doing something amazing.
You could move the projector back further from the screen yes it will make it bigger, however the further from the screen the lumens drops (need a darker room), also brings other issues such as what if you dont have the room or if the projector isn't designed (screen door effect) for that distance from the screen? Secondly, you are not utilizing the projectors or screens full potiential since you still have black bars. Remember, those black bars are there since the source is larger than the output (16:9) so the image must be reduced to appear on the smaller output. Hense with stretching and using the lens, you are producing an image close to what the filmaker intended.

I believe projectors in the theaters use a simliar setup to display the cinemascope film (or digital source nowaday)

Anyways, not here for a debate since this is supposed to be for gallery anyway. All I know is the lens is an important part of my HT now. The yellow outline boxes on the sides of the picture show what would be left out if there was no lens and the yellow middle outline box would be what image would be if not stretched and black bars (on top and bottom of the middle box) were part of the image. To me, well worth it.

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