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Default Dolby AC3 decoding analog out soundcard?

Apologize if this has been asked already, i searched and couldnt find an answear.

Asus p5n73-am
logitech z5300

So the htpc i just finished building is working great win7 and xbmc (thanks lowfat) though id like to have dolby digital 5.1 and perhapes dts decoding in the box, so it can output to the 3 analog jacks to the z5300.
Seems that all of the low and mid priced cards can output the signal over the spdif to the receiver, but cant decode it. Or they have features like dolby digital live, headphone, pro logic, but no mention of actually being able to decode 5.1

I have a xonar d2x in my main rig, that id rather not part with. I have an audigy 2 platinum sitting in a box, but i had a terrible time in vista with it, cant imagine win7 is any better.

Any suggestions? It like to stay away from creative, perhapes a xonar d2 or dx?
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