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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post

Anyway, I'd like to have 7.1 or 7.2 (whatever the cool people use these days) audio passed over HDMI into my reciever (which I don't have yet) or directly into my TV (which I will do for now)

I see my GTX260 has a cable for SPDIF into the Nvidia video card, will this pass 7.1 audio fine? What output do I use? Is a DVI to HDMI converter fine with this setup? Will it pass the audio or will the converter have to be a special one?

Basically I've not done any sort of audio over HDMI whatsoever and I actually think some of you know what the hell you're talking about
Yes it does work, seeing as i've tried it myself when i first got my card. The little DVI - HDMI converter it comes along with.
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